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TEAM Vegetation's 360 degree service offers professional advice and solutions you can count on with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Talk to us today about how we can help take the stress out of vegetation control and management at great value.

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Welcome to
Team Vegetation

TEAM Vegetation delivers complete vegetation management solutions to commercial, public and private properties. Having spent nearly six decades practicing and perfecting the retail and contracting sides of vegetation solutions under the name Compass Vegetation Control, we are now headed in a different direction characterised by a new name, TEAM Vegetation. TEAM Vegetation has evolved beyond a small family business of chemical applicators to become a leading provider of total vegetation control, meaning we are the best TEAM for all 360 degrees of your vegetation control needs. 

Site Wise Gold Certificate

  • We have a one stop vegetation control service - 360 degrees vegetation control...

  • We have the skills to manage larger jobs, & deliver better results safely.

  • Innovative gear designed and built by us.

  • We can help with: weed spraying, mowing, pasture spraying, arbour care,
    mulching, gorse spraying, weed control & more.

  • We can help with: vegetation control, vegetation management, planting,
    re-vegetation, park & council maintenance.