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Crane & Grapple Tree Services

Safer, Better Tree Removal & Pruning for Northland Region

At a time when finding qualified arborists is getting harder and harder, Team Vegetation brings you a unique new option, not seen before in Northland.

A More Efficient Mechanical Solution to Tree & Branch Removal

Team Vegetation's knuckle boom crane and grapple saw delivers a safer and faster way to remove difficult and dangerous trees. Controlled by an experienced arborist from the ground via a remote-control unit, the grapple saw eliminates the need for climbing, rigging, and cutting by hand. Aside from faster tree removal, the grapple saw saves you money, promotes safety and alleviates the need for a tedious clean-up.

The process of using this tool is simple. A grapple saw locks onto the tree and then cuts it. The tool delivers the features of a highly efficient, high-powered chainsaw that can cut through wood within seconds. The strong vice like grapple that locks onto the tree allowing the operating arborist to lower the limb to the ground in a controlled manner preventing damage to surrounding structures and minimising potential hazards.


Safer and More Efficient Tree Arborist Services

By investing in the first knuckle boom crane with grapple saw to be utilised in Northland, we know we are directly addressing a serious need for a safer and faster way to remove difficult and dangerous trees.

  • No climbers and ropes are needed in most situations.

  • Less staff and equipment are needed to complete difficult and complex tree removals

This means Team vegetation can take on bigger and more complex jobs, knowing we can complete them quicker, better and more effectively.

Our Goal

We want to provide Northland with cost-effective tree removal and pruning solutions. We have the most advanced equipment available in the industry today.

Our aim is simple. When you contract our service, we will safely cut the tree down, with our remote-controlled fleet, chip the brush and remove the logs, or leave them for our customers to deal with. This method is much cheaper and safer than if it were done by means of climbing and/or traditional crane removal.

Time is Money

Difficult trees that require advanced rigging or crane jobs used to take a long time to remove and involve many expert Arborists. Team Vegetation's machinery and Arborists can now do the same work in half the time, with at least half as many people, and more safely than ever before.

This is innovation, allowing Northland to continue to manage its trees issue without the worries associated with putting climbers into highly difficult situations, dead or dying trees, and trying to manage all the health and safety regulations and risk related to this.

From the time we set up, to when we leave your site, with our TEAM of trained personnel and up to date tree chipping & trimming gear, we will take full responsibility for the removal process and the risk attached to it.


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