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Forestry Services

Weed Control

Weed control is of fundamental importance when planting trees, particularly during the establishment phase which may last up to five years. Weeds compete for nutrients, water and light, and can severely threaten the survival and early growth of newly planted trees. Failure to control weeds represents one of the single most important factors leading to tree loss. TV can assist with effortless management of your weed issues.

Road spraying

Team Vegetation has some of the most advanced and capable roadside spraying equipment in the industry having been involved in the pioneering of the roadside spraying methodology and with the skills and expertise to make all their own specialized equipment.

Fully hydraulic, the ultra-agile spray boom is computer controlled to apply chemicals where, when and how you want it with the complete absence of drift keeping roadsides, roadside drainage channels, furniture etc completely weed free.

Spot spraying

Spot spraying and the release of you trees and the targeting of specific pest weeds is easy when TV manages the whole process.

Road mowing

Team Vegetation are well equipped in the area of roadside mowing and the cutback of heavy vegetation into forestry roads. They have heavy duty equipment capable of mulching heavy vegetation to nothing. Their 140Hp John Deere, with certified FOP’s cab and HD McConnel mulching mower can deal with vegetation up to and including 80mm in diameter. Again an effortless solution provided by TV.

Knapsack spraying

TV will manage all your targeted knapsack weed control with their experienced and capable team. Knapsacks are the ideal tool to precision apply chemicals in delicate environments.

Gun Spraying

Gun spraying and the targeting of specific pest weeds is made easy when TV manages the whole process. TV has been managing pest plant problems for local bodies and land owners for over 45 years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide a truly professional level of advice and service in this important aspect of your asset maintenance.